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Pearson Livestock Equipment Quality Products....

When purchasing livestock equipment, look for proven quality and durability, functionality and experience! Pearson Livestock has over 50 years serving the livestock industry - a recognized leader in quality and innovation!  Pearson is committed to manufacturing livestock equipment to meet the very demanding needs of the livestock industry - combining new technology with our experience in manufacturing.

  • Manual Working Chutes with various options and accessories to meet the most basic livestock handling more
  • Hydraulic Working Chutes...Quality of Pearson Working Chutes with easy operation and safety for the operator and animal.  NEW "Rancher" more
  • Bison Handling Equipment...Bison more
  • Adjustable Alleys of heavy, rugged one piece, double walkway construction...adaptable to most more
  • Headgates and Headgate Replacement more
  • Hydraulic Kits  (Manual Chute Upgrade) more
  • Sweep Tub more
  • Tru-Test Scales are the most accurate and dependable electronic scale in the world.Pearson can customize to meet your more
  • Systems Specifications........ read more
  • Optional Components available to customize your livestock system.... read more

Hydraulic systems for increased productivity!

Everything that our customers love about the innovative Pearson Chute  now operates hydraulically. Upgrade your manual chute with a hydraulic kit OR consider the Rancher hydraulic chutes.