Pearson Livestock Equipment.... A Rich History

Pearson Livestock Equipment has manufactured innovative livestock equipment since 1962.  The combination of high quality, ruggedness, simplicity, and safety for both animal and operator, along with volume manufacturing, results in the best equipment for the best price.

1962: L. B. "Bud" Pearson built the first Selfcatch "automatic" head gate in his ranch shop south of Thedford, Nebraska.

1964:  Received patent and manufactured several thousand head gates at the ranch

1966: Built new manufacturing facility in Thedford NE.

1971: Incorporated as Pearson Livestock Equipment

1973:  The straight-sided squeeze chute, a totally new concept, along with a palpation cage and chute trailer were developed and added to the Pearson product line

1975: Received patent on the straight-sided squeeze chute

1982:  Developed the adjustable alley and working tub; completing the full line of the cattle handling equipment.   

1990: Pearson's Inc. was purchased from Bud Pearson by Jack and Gail Johnston.  Jack began working for Pearson's in 1971 as a welder, later becoming assistant shop foreman and assisting in  design and sales.  Through the 80's Jack and Gail developed Johnston Distributing Inc., handling four states and setting up thirty three Dealers.   

1991:  Pearson Livestock became a national distributor for Tru-Test Scales and the exclusive distributor of 32-inch, heavy-duty, fully checked load bars made for Pearson's by Tru-Test.  Pearson Livestock recognized scales as essential in many cattle and bison operations, as well as veterinary practices, and stepped up to the challenge of providing quality scales.

1993 to 1995:  The working chute was upgraded by widening, lengthening, and making it taller to accommodate the wider, longer, and taller cattle.  The manual headgate and the NEW adjustable alley were introduced in 1995.  The manual headgate was developed for our line of bison equipment, but is also used in the cattle industry.

2003: Pearson Livestock Systems celebrated its FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of building quality livestock equipment for the livestock industry.  Added state of the art baked on, acrylic powder coat system.  Introduced the Hydraulic Working Chute.

January 2013:  Company purchased by David and Ricky Rater.  David is a distributor for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexicao and Louisiana.  Ricky serves as General Manager, and moved his family to Thedford.