Adjustable Alleys

Our adjustable alleyways come in a variety of options - Long or Short, Manual or Hydraulic. Add one alley or a set; whatever suits your needs.

Why Choose a Pearson Adjustable Cattle Alley:

  • Long 15'4" alley and Short 8'7" alley available.
  • Vertical sides adjust in to 16" and out to 30" with an overhead screw jack. Both sides adjust to keep the animal centered to the working chute.
  • Solid vertical sides offer easy livestock movement and eliminate climbing.
  • All equipment is sheeted and fully caulked for sound dampening and rust prevention.
  • Heavy, rugged one-piece construction that is built in the USA.
  • Optional catwalks on one or both sides which give easy access to the animal. Catwalks on both sides are standard on our long alley.
  • Compatible with most straight and circular facilities.
  • Add a scale platform and Tru-Test livestock scale.
  • Available with hydraulic width adjustment.
  • Select an optional alley trailer to make any adjustable alleyway portable.
  • Additional options include self-catch or manual head gate and horizontal rolling gate for front and/or back.

See these features in the photos below!

Want help deciding which alleyway is right for you? Talk to someone knowledgeable about our equipment. Find a dealer in your area or give us a call at 940-553-1310.

15'4" Manual Adjustable Alley

8'7" Adjustable Alley

Closed at 16"

Open to 30"


Hydraulic Options 
  • Hydraulic kits are available for both the 15'5" and 8' alley.  
  • The alley hydraulic kit uses the power source of the hydraulic squeeze chute.  
  • Hydraulics can also be adapted to the squeeze on the Bison Alley.

Adjustable Alley Scale

Our new adjustable alley scale has all the features of our short alley and is equipped with a Tru-Test AP800 Scale Platform, MP800 loadbars and your choice of indicator. Visit to see features on all of the options.  With superior electronics, this is the most advanced scale range available. Additional options include our self-catch or manual head gate, horizontal rolling gate for front and/or back, catwalks, and t-trailer for portability.

Get More Info

Contact a Pearson dealer in your area. Find your local dealer. They can talk with you about how our adjustable cattle alleys can fit with your current livestock handling system. Or you can call us at 940-553-1310.