Bison Handling Equipment

We have designed our bison handling equipment with the ruggedness it takes to handle bison and combined it with the simplicity found in all Pearson Livestock Equipment products.

Our bison handling systems, just like all our products, are known for their quality, strength and simplicity. For over 50 years, we have kept quality our highest priority so you can be sure you are getting the longest-lasting, most reliable equipment in the industry. And our bison working equipment is made in the USA. For information or pricing, contact your local Pearson dealer. Or give us a call at 940-553-1310.

Manual & Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes for Bison

Why Choose Our Bison Squeeze Chutes:

  • Straight-wall design eliminates wedging and allows bison to have free movement forward. Crash gate swings back to access the head and release bison forward. Horizontal roll gates are standard.
  • Chute panels may be open or sheeted solid.
  • Our hydraulic chute includes reversible head sweep and top-mounted or remote power.
  • Options available include side exits, palpation cages, scales, and more.
  • Please visit our manual or hydraulic chute pages for all options.

Add One or More Alleys, and a Crowding Tub, for a Complete Handling System!

  • Our bison alley is built on the same frame as our chutes allowing full access to the animals via sheeted wing gates. Bison alleys come in manual or hydraulic with horizontal roll gates standard. Side exits are also available for bison alleys.
  • Our bison crowding tub has tall sides of 7'8". A 1/2" viewing crack is between all panels. Walk ways are optional.
  • Opening at the rear of the tub gives bison a clear view when entering from the holding area.

Bison Equipment Specifications


Chutes and alleys are equipped with a horizontal roll gate. The horizontal roll gate is designed to open and close with one hand using the gravity latch.




Our straight-wall design eliminates wedging and allows bison free movement forward. The crash gate swings back to access the head and release the animal forward.


The opening at the rear of tub gives the animal a clear view when entering from holding area.


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Find out how Pearson Livestock Equipment has become a leader in bison handling equipment. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with specs and advice! Find your local dealer or give our staff a call at 940-553-1310.