Portable Combination Units

It seems that ranchers in the past have had to choose between Heavy Duty and Portable. Pearson's has developed a unit that uniquely combines both traits - a portable working system that does NOT compromise because it's built to the same standards as our stationary equipment. 

Chute, Ally, Tub Unit

Our most popular combination unit come with a 8 ft. chute, 12 ft adjustable alley with palpation door, and a 10 ft tub.

Ally/Tub Unit

Our Ally/Tub Unit comes with a 20 ft adjustable alley with a palpation door and a 10 ft tub.  All units are ready for transport, with the tub folded up and the entire unit lifted up onto its wheels.


 Chute/Alley/Tub Weight, including Wheel Kit: 5,400 lbs

 Length, ready for transport: 34 ft 4 in. including tongue

 Length, ready to work cattle: ~41 ft

 Chute/Alley Weight, including Wheel Kit: 3,800 lbs

 Length, ready for transport: 23 ft 4 in. including tongue

 Alley Specifications                                         Tub Specifications


Length:                             12 ft (20 ft for Alley/Tub configuration)                Gate Length:                          10 ft

Inside Width:                    16" to 30"                                                           Side Sheeting Height:           50" 

Side Sheeting Height:      50"                                                                     Sweep Area:                          ~132 degrees

Palpation Door:                30"