Cattle Headgates (Head Catch)

Pearson Livestock Equipment offers 3 headgates as options on a new Pearson chute.  These 3 headgates can also be purchased separately to mount to an existing Pearson chute or easily adapted to any chute, alley or calving stall. 

Self-Catch Headgate

Our namesake Bud Pearson invented the self-catch headgate in 1961.  Just like all the Pearson Livestock products, the Self-Catch Head gate or head catch is time-tested, durable and options allow for customizing to meet your needs.

  • Pearson's self-catch headgate is the industry standard and our most popular headgate.

  • Ideal for the commercial cow/calf producer or feeder calf operation.
  • It is simple, reliable, low-maintenance and long-lasting.
  • Self-catch mechanism allows one person to do most jobs.
  • It is a trustworthy catching device for when the rancher is working away from the chute pushing cattle up into the alley, saving costly labor.
  • Unobstructed opening allows for any size animal to move easily in and out of the headgate.
  • Ideally designed to capture polled animals up to 2-yr old bulls.
  • Convertible to right or left hand controls.
  • Spring loaded on one side to minimize impact stress on animals.
  • Replacement Cables Available.....Read More!


Gravity Friction Latch Manual Headgate

  • Ideal for mixed temperament herds, horned animals, and will hold large bulls down to the smallest of calves.
  • Unique design uses gravity to help it open; opens up to 30" wide and closes to 3-7/8" wide.
  • This gate is built for easy maintenance over the long haul.  Friction latching mechanism is easy and economical to replace when worn.
  • Adjustable and reversible controls.
  • Key points strengthened and reinforced with bushings/large bolts to make this gate 20% heavier than competing designs.
  • A bolt-on kit (sold separately) allows you to release and operate the Gravity Headgate from the rear of the chute.  Makes working cattle alone much easier!
  • See a video of this headgate in action here.

Ratchet Style Manual Headgate

  • Built to the strength and standards necessary for capturing bison.
  • A nice option for cattle operations with animals of mixed temperaments - calm cattle may not move through a chute fast enough for a self-catch headgate.
  • Very effective for large bulls and horned cattle.
  • Opens from 5" up to 28" wide.