Livestock Headgates (Head Catch)

Just like all the Pearson Livestock products, the Self-Catch Headgate or head catch is time-tested, durable and options allow for customizing to meet your needs.  The livestock headgate can be mounted on the Pearson Squeeze Chute or easily adapted to any chute, alley or calving stall.

  • Self-catch mechanism allows one person to do most jobs, reducing costly labor.
  • Unobstructed opening allows cattle to move easily in and out of the headgate.
  • Convertible right or left controls.
  • Stanchion-type design eliminates choking.
  • Adjustable to accommodate any size livestock.
  • Handle makes easy manual operation for horned cattle.
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction throughout.
  • New timing mechanism (pre-stressed, galvanized cable, with swedged ends).
  • Calving headgate mounting holes- 34" width, 59" height.  Shipping weight 200 lbs.
  • Chute headgate- 34' width, 65' height. Shipping weight 205 lbs.

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The Self-Catch Headgate easily adapts to any chute, alley or calving stall.
Manual headgate for bulls and horned cattle (crash gate can be added).
Optional head bars available for all Pearson Headgates.


Replacement Cables Available.....Read More!