Pearson Rancher Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes


Utilizing the same design principles that have made Pearson a leader in the livestock handling systems for over 50 years, the Pearson Rancher provides enhanced efficiency and power to the operator using hydraulics. Our vertical sides allow cattle to move into the chute easily and stand in a natural position. Our hydraulic cattle chute will automatically adjust to any size animal as the chute is squeezed, with no-climbing sides or excess slipping. The heavy, rugged construction is designed for livestock and operator safety and powder coated for durability. This hydraulic chute is built in the USA by skilled craftsmen.

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Side boards are removable for foot work and milking.
Large wing gates hinge laterally for quick, easy opening and optimum safety.They are removable for a larger opening.One double wing is standard on each side.

Hinged neck panel swings open for neck vaccinations and branding.
Brisket bar keeps cattle from kneeling and keeps calves standing.

Standard Rancher Hydraulic Chute includes:

    • Hydraulic squeeze, head gate, tail gate, and reversible head sweep.
    • Top-mounted, electric power unit (110V or 220V)
    • Controls that are mounted to the top frame at shoulder level.
    • Calf wings

Additional Options:

    • There are a variety of side options available including single and double side exits, vet doors, and our new dutch doors. View more details on all of our side options.
    • Standard bolt-on palpation cage or Extra Long feature that allows palpation cage to squeeze with the rest of the chute (pictured at the top of this page).
    • Remote power units (electric or gasoline)
    • Drop-arm controls (controls at waist level)
    • Scale base. Visit our Tru-test livestock scales page to learn more about our load bars and Tru-Test weighing systems.

              Rancher Hydraulic squeeze chute with vet door and drop arm controls.

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View a live demonstration of the Pearson Hydraulic