All new Pearson chutes come ready to accept our new Wheel Kit. Easily move your chute from one pasture to another!



Head Control


The Manual Head Control unit gives you a safe way to perform work on an animal's head. Whether you're ear tagging or administering intranasal vaccinaion, you'll have thebenefit of a well stabalized head securely held by our unique locking mechanism.




Trim Kits

Turn any double side exit or double dutch chute into a highly functional trim chute with our new trim kit.  The kit clamps on so it will not need to be welded and can be removed at any time.


Hydraulic Kits

Upgrade your manual chute to hydraulic for easy operation. Add some or all of the following hydraulic components to your manual chute to customize to your needs. All kits are bolt-on unless otherwise specified. Kits include the control valve, cylinder, and all parts needed to perform the function. Where multiple kits are ordered, the valve spools will be combined. Valve spool mounts are provided for the top frame of the chute unless Drop Arm Controls are added. The options are plentiful. Please call us or visit your dealer to discuss the perfect set-up for your operation.

  • Top mounted or remote power unit
  • Squeeze kit
  • Calf Wing kit
  • Hydraulic Headgate kit (sold with a manual headgate or for existing manual headgate)
  • Hydraulic Tailgate kit (requires welding)
  • Headsweep kit
  • Hydraulic Alley kit