The Pearson Original - Quality, Strength & Simplicity


The Pearson Original gets back to the basics of the Pearson brand, offering a simple, high quality manual squeeze chute at an affordable price.

  • Bilateral Squeeze - 30" open, 9" closed
  • Heavy Duty Construction - 10 gauge floor, 11 gauge frame
  • Neck Doors - on both sides for easy access to animal's neck
  • Removable Side Boards - for access to bottom half of animal
  • Wing Gates - hinge laterally for easy opening
  • Side Exit - Single side exit on right side of animal
  • Offered with Self-Catch Headgate and Aluminum Tailgate
The Original is not a portable chute as it is not compatible with our wheel kit.  If you prefer a chute with more options (side exits, scales, portability), consider the Pearson Choice or the Pearson Prime manual squeeze chutes