Our Prime Cattle Squeeze Chute


    • Access the bottom half of the animal with convenient 60/40 bottom access doors
    • Rump ratchet bars with a high strength fiberglass bar coated to prevent splinters
    • 50/50 wing gates for convenient access to the top half of the animal
    • Newly redesigned neck doors for wider and quieter access to the BQA triangle
    • All doors are easy to operate with one hand and have slam latches
    • Available with our self-catch or manual headgates
    • Aluminum tailgate with automatic lock-down, lock-up is standard. A horizontal rolling gate or bi-fold tailgate is also available.
    • Additional options include scales, wheel kit, manual head control, and bolt-on palpation cage.


Upgrade to the Prime XL which includes a tall and wide palpation door for uninhibited access. The palpation section squeezes along with the rest of the chute, keeping calves from turning around. The Prime XL weighs 2230lbs and is 11’ 8.5” long




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