Pearson Choice Manual Cattle Squeeze Chute - Setting the Standard for Excellence

Our Choice Manual Chutes Feature:

  • Vertical sides that allow cattle to move into chute easily and stand in a natural position.
  • Automatic adjustment as the chute is squeezed for any size animal, with no climbing the sides or excessive slipping.
  • Neck panels that are hinged and swing out for safe access.
  • Wing gates that are hinged for quick, easy opening, and optimum safety, plus they are removable to give a larger opening. (Double wing available for branding!)
  • Side boards that are removable for foot work and milking.
  • Diamond-plate steel flooring that improves traction and increases safety.

See these features in the photos below!

Also check out the new Pearson Prime which offers even more features including quieter operation, rump ratchet bar, and even more convenient access through wider wing gates and bottom doors.



Removable side boards for foot work and milking.



Large wing gates.



Hinged neck panel.



Brisket bar that keeps cattle standing and prevents kneeling.


Customize your manual squeeze chute with lots of options!

Making sure you get the right piece of cattle handling equipment is important to us. We offer options like: Head Gates, Tail Gates, Sides, Palpation Cages, Extra-long Chutes, Scales, Kits and Upgrades. 


Our manual cattle squeeze chute is available with a self-catch head gate or a manual head gate. See our Head Gates page for more information on each option.


An aluminum tail gate with automatic lock-up/lock-down is operated by a rope and pulley system from the front operating position of the chute. Constructed of structural-grade, extruded aircraft aluminum for the best combination of strength and low weight. This tail gate is standard on all working chutes. A horizontal rolling gate or bifold tailgate is also available.


Side Options

Choose a single side exit (right side of animal) or double side exit option.

Palpation Cages

The optional Pearson Palpation Cage (pictured at the top of this page) is ideal for artificial insemination and pregnancy testing. The chute tail gate can be used in the manual chute or cage.

XL Option

Our new Extra-Long Chute combines Pearson's proven design with palpation doors built in on both sides of the chute. The palpation section squeezes with the rest of the chute resulting in no place for calves to turn around. The extra length is also convenient for longer animals.


Pearson is a national distributor for Tru-Test Weighing Systems.

Optional Kits, and Upgrades

Visit our Optional Components page for more products including trim kits, dehorning table, wheel kits, and other accessories.

Upgrade your manual chute (2003 or newer) with our all new xForce units. Manual hydraulics allow for head control and a firmer squeeze with less effort. Or upgrade your Pearson manual chute to a full hydraulic, with our hydraulic kits.

Get More Information

Visit our dealer page to find a dealer near you.Our knowledgeable dealers and distributors can answer your questions, provide you with specs on our manual squeeze chutes, and provide pricing. Or call our main office at 940-553-1310. We are here to help!