Cattle Scale Systems with Scale Protection Kit

Our cattle scale systems are accurate, easy to use and can be added to any Pearson chute.  When mounting to concrete, the Tru-Test load cells work with our scale feet and your choice of Tru-Test indicator to make an extremely stable and accurate weighing platform for your herd.  Upgrade to an optional scale base to make the chute/scale combination more stable on uneven ground and to maximize portability.  Chutes are easy to lift and clean under.  

Our scale protection kit places all extra cable in a weather-proof and rodent-proof junction box.  All cabling underneath the chute is armored to defend against damage.     

A Right Side Exit chute with a Gravity Manual Headgate and Rear Controls mounted on Scale Feet.

  Left: Scale feet (for mounting to concrete).

Right: Scale base (for uneven ground and mobility).

Pearson Livestock Equipment is a National Distributor for Tru-Test Weighing Systems.


As a long-time distributor for Tru-Test scales, Pearson Livestock Equipment can help you find the most effective solution for your livestock operation. We chose to work with Tru-Test because of the quality and reliability of their products.  All Pearson cattle scale systems include Tru-Test XHD2 load cells and your choice of indicator.

Today’s livestock producers know their management decisions must be based on reliable data that is fast and easy to obtain. Cattle weighing on a regular basis is a necessary practice to ensure you are working to the right numbers. When it comes to selecting livestock scales for your operation, the most important factors are speed and accuracy. Tru-Test scales feature the fastest weight-capture technology available on the market today.

For more information on what is available in weighing systems, visit the Tru-Test website. Then contact the Pearson dealer in your area. Find your dealer or give us a call at 940-553-1310 for a consultation, assistance and pricing. We are also available to offer advice and expertise in adapting Tru-Test livestock scales to our equipment.