xForce Manual Hydraulic Chutes for Cattle Head Control.

More control.  Less Effort.  No Electricity Needed.

Pearson Livestock Equipment is proud to introduce our xForce line of livestock handling equipment. Using the power and convenience of hydraulics, you can multiply your effort and increase the head control of your manual chute with no electric power. The best part? You can bolt it on to your existing Pearson manual chute (1993 or later) or add it to any new Pearson manual chute. As with every Pearson product, our xForce manual hydraulic units are built in the USA to be durable.

For information or pricing, talk with a Pearson dealer in your area. Or you can give us a call at 940-553-1310.

xForce Squeeze Chute

The new xForce Chute multiplies the strength of the operator by 10x or more and provides a firmer squeeze on the animal than any manual chute. This helps you increase efficiency and lowers stress on both the operator and the animal.

This Unit’s Features:

    • No electricity required.
    • Calm animals in the chute with a safe but firm squeeze, previously only attainable with a hydraulic chute.
    • Easier to use than a traditional squeeze by multiplying manual effort with hydraulics. Save those shoulders!
    • Set up anywhere and operate quietly.
    • Quick release of squeeze with the touch of a button.



xForce Head Control Unit


The xForce Head Control unit gives you a safe way to perform work on an animal's head. Using the same power unit as the xForce Squeeze, this cattle head restraint is great for ear tagging, intranasal vaccinations and many other operations. xForce Head Control currently operates on a self-catch head gate. However, we do have plans to adapt it to a manual head gate in the near future.






View a live cattle demonstration with the all new xForce

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