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Cable for Headgate Model G7 (46")

  • $40.00

Pair of 46" cables with crimped on bolts and a spring. This cable fits a G7 Pearson Headgate. 

Click the file below to download installation instructions:


Can't find your headgate model number? 

Model numbers are stamped into a tag located on the metal patent tag in the upper right hand square tubing of the headgate.

Quick Installation Instructions and Tips:

  1. If you only have one broken cable, back the nuts off to a couple of threads on the good cable.
  2. Remove the broken cable, pull one neck pipe towards you while pushing the other away in order to make the cable still on the gate tight.  (This allows you to get the new cable on correctly -- with less effort in getting the last bolt through the hole).
  3. Reverse the process, taking the unbroken cable off and replacing it with the other new cable.
  4. Save the used cable as a spare! If you break another cable, you can put it back on with the already stretched cable.  The cables stretch and when one new cable is installed, as it stretches it will throw the gate out of time, causing you to break another cable. 
Cable for Headgate Model G7 (46")